Ordering Instructions and Shipping Information

Holly can be ordered in October, November or December for shipping in December. Our earliest regular shipping date is the 5th of December, however special requests can be made for an earlier shipping date. We ship until the 19th of December or a day earlier if the 19th is on a Saturday. Delivery before Christmas not guaranteed on orders received after December 15.

Items available for local pickup only: bulk holly, bowls, platters etc., wreaths, honey products:


Prices and Shipping to all 50 States

We normally ship via FedEx Ground. Shipping time is normally 1 to 5 days. You will need to determine to which zone the product is being shipped. You will also need the shipping weight of the product. Please see the map and chart below to determine the shipping cost based on zone and weight. Note that each item ships separately, so weights cannot be combined on multiple orders. An alphabetical list of states with their zones follows the chart. Shipping prices subject to change. Please CALL for rates to Alaska and Hawaii.

There are two ways to order: one, print off the form and mail it in with a check, and two, send us an email with your order, we will verify the total amount and send you a reply invoice and then you can click the button to pay by credit card through "Pay Pal."

TO ORDER BY MAIL: Please print the form and fill out by hand or typewriter. A list of items for sale is included.
If you are shipping to more than one address, please check each name and address carefully. The shipping information will be copied and used as the mailing label(s).

Taxes in Washington State are based on the location to which an item is delivered. If a delivery is to a Washington state address, you will need to determine your tax amount using the Washington State Department of Revenue PDF tableOnline Tax Calculator. The tax table or calculator will open in a new window.

Shipping Rates and Zones are in the table found on a subsequent page.

Mail the order form and check or money order (made out to Four B's Farm) to Four B's Farm, 2448 Madrona Beach Road, Olympia WA 98502.

If you are unable to print the form, or if you have questions, please call us at 360-866-7708 for assistance.


Send us an email with all of the information required in the order form. Basically that includes:

Name and address including phone number

Shipping address

Item (s) to be ordered

We will verify the shipping rates and the total cost of the order and reply to you by sending you an invoice. Using the total cost we have provided to you in the invoice follow the PAYPAL instructions for paying by PAYPAL account, credit or debit card. Your order will be processed as soon as possible.

Robert Bower 2012